22 Years Ago- A Child Arrives to Grace My Life

Little did I know, when I pushed out my first baby at the Reading Birth & Women’s Center- a baby who was 2 weeks late and did not want to come out, who forced me to drink a bottle of castor oil so my uterus would also be convinced to MOVE and get this child out- little did I know with a start like that what a complete and utter joy she would become in my life!

Sierra has grown into such an amazing, warm, loving and good person, that anyone would say they were proud to know her, let alone be privileged enough to be able to call her their daughter. This child has become one of those extraordinary individuals who deeply cares enough for their fellow man, the planet, and mankind’s situation to work to make the world better. Since this is a “travel blog,” I can see that the 15 countries I have immersed her in before she went off to college, the thousands of miles of trails and bike ways and waterways we led her down, was a good start to help her become the broad minded, open-hearted individual that she is. I am so excited to see where she will go, what she will do, to make this world a better and more beautiful  place.

When Sierra was born, a psychic friend of mine said she believed she was an old soul and I had to admit that in a short amount of time, she was calling me on my stuff, questioning me, making me think twice. I think she CHOSE me to be her mother and I am so glad.

I saw a very pregnant woman in front of me in line in the grocery store today. When I asked her how long she had yet, she replied, “I’m ready for it and I am nervous.”
I said, “Oh, don’t be, have fun with it.” And she said, “No one has EVER said that to me before- have FUN.” And I replied, “Why not? Kids are great fun, you may as well start with giving birth.”

Sierra, thank you so much for all the fun and joy you have brought to my life these last 22 years. You are my biggest treasure (along with your brother  Bryce). I only hope I am privileged to be around for another 22 years (78 yrs old!) and then another 22 years (100!) That would still make me younger than my Grandmom Ross when she died!!!.

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  1. Sierra, my treasured best friend and sister, have the HAPPIEST of birthdays today my darling. Missing you from two thousand miles away.

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