Creating Your Own Reality

As my children were growing up, I tried to explain concepts and ideas to them, ways of thinking and looking at the world that was positive and that they could use later in their lives to create the life they imagine. One was “creating your own reality.” We had children’s value tapes about taking responsibility for what happens to you. At 5 years old, you can misinterpret. Bryce asked,

“If I think about something bad over and over again will it happen to me?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“If I keep thinking that my eyeballs will fall out of my head or my bones will fall out of my body, will they?”

I told him it had to first be possible. Eyeballs were held inside your skull by tendons like rubber bands and they weren’t rolling around in there like marbles.

I told him it was things like saying, “I’m unhappy,” over and over again, you could become unhappy. These things also take a long time to happen and you need to say them over and over again, in order for them to come true.

I said, “If you say, I’m happy. I’m happy” you will be happy. So in his quiet little pillow voice at night he whispered with his thumb poised at the entrance of his lips, ready to suck and go to sleep, “I’m happy, I’m happy.”

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