My Job is a Great Privledge

I was reminded of the great privledge that being a writer is, when I saw on Facebook that an acquaintence of mine, Arden Cogan, an attorney who chops wood for his passion (AND competes in lumberjack competitions) is being featured in Red Bull’s Magazine, The Red Bulletin Magazine, April edition, on extreme sports.…/RedBulletinMagazine/001243143795076

There are pics posted of him- broad, muscular, in a black suit with a shaved head, weilding a shiny steel axe. Very impressive. And I was reminded of when I did the story for Pennsylvania Magazine on Cherry Springs Lumberjack Woodsman’s Show at Cherry Springs state park.  

  • Like most of my stories, I was allowed inside the heart and head of these people. They told me things, personal things, about what they are pasionate about, what they live for, what makes them happy- the heart and soul kind of stuff. And I know I am greatly priveledged to have this glimpse into their hearts and then share it with my readers. I will never take it for granted.  
  • Now I am doing work with a bunch of college students from Immaculata University in Malvern and their professor, Dr. Bill Watson. They are impassioned about digging up dead Irish lads who have been murdered. 
  • It is all comsuming for them and once again, I have been privledged to be let into their circle as I hear and tell their story. Very fortunate for me, some of these people become my friends and go beyond just a working relationship. That is the greatest gift of my wonderful occupation. So I thank you all- those whom I have written about in the past and those stories remaining to be told- I hope I never disappoint you and do you justice.

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