Too Old for an Easter Egg Hunt?…I don’t think so!

“We don’t quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.”  

Yes, we are still having an Egg Hunt. I don’t care if the kids are 20 & 22 years of age. My husband says, “They ‘re too old for egg hunts.” I said, “Oh really? Ask them if they want one.”

“YES!” they cry in unison.

No shitty kiddie candy goes in these eggs, but coins. I used to get Todd to help me fill the dozens and dozens of plastic eggs that snap in half but he’d lay a nickel or a few pennies in. I do it alone now- lug the gallon glass pickle jar of change upstairs and load them up. Fold some bills up small and place them in a few special rabbit face and carrot cases.   

We hide them up rain spouts, inside kayaks, in the pond, within sight. My daughter is unbelievably competitive. Bryce still sports a scar above his eye where she pushed him out of the way and into something sharp – as a teenager. They run around the property the whole time, from one location to the next. It doesn’t matter how many eggs each child scores (in my mind)  nor how much their little stacks of 4 quarters, 10 dimes and 20 nickels amounts to, Mom divides the cash right down the middle in the end. They still race like mad children and Sierra always has a heavier bag.

“$90!” Todd exclaims. “I can’t believe it!” While the kids load the change back into the jar, smiling wide,  I go into the house to get them some bills and return with two $50 bills. Todd says, “I knew it! I knew you’d just round it off.”  

My children  live on their own now in Philadelphia now, as students at Temple U. in a house that they share. They buy much of their own food, pay for rent, art supplies etc. They have lots of expenses and they are trying hard to make the transition away from being dependent on mom and dad and becoming independent.

But as parents, we can help with that. As I see it, having an Easter egg hunt is one little way that we can still support them, yet ENCOURAGE  them to still be childLIKE.  I could just hand them money as they hop on the train back to the city but what is more fun? They may as well work a little for their money plus, it’s really about making Mom happy. We have an Easter egg hunt at our house  for Mom. They will always be my kids and I will always be there to help them. If I don’t have grandkids for tons more years, (and I hope it is still way in the future) Bryce & Sierra may be racing to find eggs with graying temples!

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