Getting a Quickie on the Little Schuylkill River

A young man that I traveled with to Africa this past week on a press trip, was chilling with me in my plane seat, and was deep into a video game. He asked me, “Don’t you want to just relax sometime and watch TV or play a video game?” I replied, “Never.” I hate  TV, everyone in our family does. My kids don’t even know how to operate a video game. What they do know how to do, however, is come home after working a hard day on the job (both my boys are house painting – Bryce as a summer job inbetween college), load up the boats, grab a quick dinner, and take an exhilirating run down our wild & scenic river in the backyard.    

The water was a perfect level- and we had many fun stretches of rockin and rollin ripples that made us soaked- he hooted and hollered and forgot about scraping ceilings overhead. What we were really enjoying was a DEVIATION- from everyday life- a chance to become charged with energy and life force. Hanging out on a sofa like a beached whale might give you the illusion of comfort but we in the Rossfelter family, feel like it is really making us MISS OUT.


We don’t do anything that anyone else couldn’t do- we just DO IT. Make it happen. Kick oursleves in the butt and say, you know , the water is up, we only have 1 1/2 hours before sunset but let’s make a run. It might seem like a hassle and a lot of work, but it is always worth. You’ve gotta grab those moments of magic when you can, or life passes you by. When we are old, and incapacitated, we can chill on the sofa.

As the saying goes, “Gather as many good experiences as possible. It increases your chances of being a pleasant old person.” So we are really doing this for our kids! (in more ways than one!)


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  1. I have learned to never pass up any oppportunity for adventure, love, being kind, saying exactly how I feel without regret. I’ve learned to love my life……I always love my family.
    Someday Cindy, I would love to spend time in your world….you have a great life and family..

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