Just One of the Boys in Belize

In front of the Mayan pyramid, Caracol, in Belize  

I was never one of these woman who put mucho effort it POSING for pictures, TRYING to look sexy, bending the leg just so, thrusting out the hips and parting the lips a tad. I just threw my arm around my comrades next to me and sported a huge smile because I was always so happy to be together.  

When I was a young woman, and was looking for a permanent relationship, I would read a fantastic book (which I still refer to, as do my children. called, “Super Horoscopes Compatibility Guide.” I will write a blog sometimes about what it says about me so you can see how right on target it is. ..it’s scary!) Anyway, it said that I was a BUDDY to many guys, that they saw me as a companion more than a lover for I was broad-minded and SPORTING. Well, that is ok. More OK now- I wasn’t completely thrilled with that news back then.

I cannot say that I have ever put one ounce of effort into being or looking HOT- or being a sexy babe. If any of you out here ever considered me that, well thank you, but it probably has more to do with certain anatomical features which I have nothing to do with.

That being said, I have ALWAYS enjoyed being in the company of guys- they are so easy to be with and fun. Now I love my woman friends to death- nothing can match them for a good walk and talk, and sorry guys, but many of you just can’t reach the DEPTHS of conversation that a woman can, for the most part. But I must say that on my recent trip to Belize, the boys I was with treated me both like a Queen and as one of their buds. They filled up my wine glass, bought me diet Cokes, (and I them) and even, when my flip flops blew out when I had to walk to the river with my innertube to float thru these wonderful caves, Steve Wewerka, my photographer offered to CARRY ME! That was over the top to me, as I felt like an amazon and was fearful that I would hurt him. But I was deeply touched by the offer.  

But I wanted to share that I have always felt accepted and embraced by my men friends, whether I have known and worked with them for years, like Steve Wewerka from Minneapolis, or just met them like John Reed from British Columbia, and Holger Heize from Germany or Evan Young from Belize- our fearless Belize Tourism leader. When I saw this pic, I realized that I was quite outnumbered on this trip, but never felt that I wasn’t with “my TRIBE.”  Thank you my BOYS for making me one of the gang. It means a lot when you are far away from home, and thanks for letting me mother you when I felt the urge and throw my arms around you when I needed a hug. You will be sorely missed.


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  1. Traveling with “friends” you can be yourself with and trust makes a trip exciting, one you will remember for a lifetime!! Thanks for sharing Cindy

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