‘Good’ Mothers Always Make Good

I blew Sierra’s little graduation present to Cape Cod off last summer when I got an invitation to go to Zimbabwe. She was pretty pissed, then disappointed. It was just going to be her and I in a little cottage. It also would have taken place at a very stressful time in her summer and I was afraid she would be too distracted to enjoy herself. Truth is, I wanted to go to Zimbabwe big time and I knew I’d make it up. We do have to wait until she completes her 1 year stint in China teaching English, which she thought was ridiculously far away, but time passes and good things come to those who wait.

Years back, we went to Sicily and found our relatives and ended up helping with the olive harvest and creating an amazing family memory.  So I asked Sierra if she had her druthers, where she would want to go. And she said, Poland, to find the ‘other’ side of my family’s relatives. Coincidentally  my grandfather was born and raised in a log house and so was my daughter. My grandfather’s home is still standing and people still live in it. We’re gonna go find it- and the Racjewski family (my real name) and the Mikulsky family (my sister’s husband’s family) and the Charowsky’s (our friend, Mick’s family) and anyone of you out there who has relatives in southern Poland- send us their names. We’ll deliver hugs for you.

Oh, and the mountain lovers that we are, Sierra and I are also heading into the High Tatra Mountains to backpack down their ridge and stay in huts and make and even better memory  than a few measly days at Cape Cod. (We can always do that another time).

I just bought our September flights, at the best time of the year to be in High Tatras.. So see Sierra, we good mothers always make good.

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