Coming Soon- A New Blog on Using the Whole World to Teach MY Kids

Many of you know that I have been struggling to write a new book about using the whole world to teach my kids. I say struggle because I have not, at least up until this point, figured out where and how to extract the motivation and dedication needed to get ‘er done. I’ve only put forth a half ass effort. It’ s not that I don’t know how to write  a book, with six published in the past. It’s not that I don’t want to write as I have published about 40-50 magazine articles a year, and written over 125 blogs in the last year. But the book has had me paralyzed and I didn’t understand why.

The amount of material is daunting 23 years of teaching and raising my children. The format, the tense, all kinds of things challenged me and I have begun the book differently multiple times. BUT, I think I have finally figured out how I am going to do it and should have NO PROBLEM saying  no to other things in my life in order to get it done.

I’m going to write it in blog form. I have received enough feedback from you all to know that you feel that my blogs are very successful. I manage to be concise and compact in the points that I am making, inject some humor, write as though you are sitting on my shoulder observing my life and also having an intimate cup of coffee with me. IT works – this form. The successful book and accompanying film,  Julie & Julia was written this way. I am just going to write and tell stories and see what the material turns into. You can give me feedback if you like. I’m going to hop all over the place. The important thing is that I get it down. I am extremely hopeful, that while this is happening, my book will be created.

Stay tuned for address and directions on how to view/sign up.


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9 thoughts on “Coming Soon- A New Blog on Using the Whole World to Teach MY Kids Leave a comment

  1. Brilliant idea! Also the short n’ sweet blog format will accommodate our ( the reader’s) busy schedules, and short attention spans b/c Life keeps splintering our attention.

  2. Take time for the reflection and the words will come, you are talented, with wonderful caring Spirit. let the words flow

  3. Cindy – I appreciate reading your blogs and have drawn numerous key insights to help balance my own outlook as a person and parent. Sounds like a great plan, and I am truly looking forward to reading more…

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