Being Home is Enough

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My son came home this weekend. Although we spent some very special weeks with him and his girlfriend, Calan, in Asia over the holiday, and Todd and I had been to Philadelphia to see him, we had not had him home with us for three months. It felt too long. There is something different about your child being back in your home, that is so joyous. It is hard to explain unless you are a mother.

To be able to wake up and have them be there in the flesh is such a wonderful way to start your day. Seeing that face, which you love so much, and landing a kiss on that cheek, inhaling their own special scent. Making them coffee in the morning and delivering a hot cup of tea in the evening, it sounds very small but it is very big.

We went for a daily walk in the woods, him letting me discuss my latest ideas for my new book, him sharing his feelings of progress teaching his new illustration class- checking in with each other. “How are you really doing?” and honoring them with the gift of paying large attention. How many people in your life take the time to ask that and want to hear the truth.

We cooked special meals for him- his favorites- bar-b-que spare ribs, pesto with pasta from our own basil leaves, strawberry/raspberry cobbler from our orchard- the fruits of the warm summer frozen away for weekends like this. We worked side by side cutting up veggies for a salad and shared sentiments over the daily depressing news. We lit the candelabra and poured glasses of wine and held hands in prayer and thanksgiving.

We let the silly goats out and played in the snow with them. He and his father made a huge snowman and gathered sap in jugs from our maple trees to boil into syrup. Most of the day and night Bryce helped his father design a magnificent new website for his chainsaw art. He dedicated his whole weekend- his choice, and neglected his own personal work to do it, happily.

I went to bed tonight after kissing my son good night and telling him to sleep well and said, with some regret, that we didn’t do anything special this weekend. And then I realized that everything is special when your children are home. Just knowing they are sleeping in their bed is a gift. I recently read in a wonderful novel, Small, Great, Things, ” by Jodi Picoult, “I have such a short amount of time to be your Mama.” I agree. I wish that I had two whole lifetimes to spend with my children. One is certainly not enough. (Sierra- it is time to come home too)

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  1. One of your best blogs and certainly something we have in common. I love to watch them sleep and deeply inhale their scent knowing it has to last until the next time they come home.. Being a mother is such a blessing.

  2. Reading this…you bring me to joyful overwhelmingly grateful tears. Bernadette is home this weekend and I feel those EXACT feelings…I must admit I am jealous(sinful) of your earthy fresh nature consuming life…yet I know mine is mine and it is good. ATTENTION is by far the greatest gift we can give each other. More another time…I think in need to purchase and devour your new book…please keep us all posted, Love and Peace to all 💟☮️ Blessings Cindy 😘

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  3. Wonderful Blog!!! So glad you know your Children are a gift and blessing. I see so many parents that don’t appreciate that their children are here to love. RLTW

  4. Love this one. So true. I am so proud of my son for spreading his wings and taking off. As you are of Bryce too. This is what it’s all about. It is hard when they land in a place that doesn’t allow for a quick visit. Thank goodness for Facetime!! Thanks for putting these thoughts down 🙂

    1. it could always be worse, as in if Sierra wins the Fulbright and travels to India for a year. I told Todd we will be going back to Asia sooner than we thought- that’s way too long not to see our child. Time sure does go too quickly.

  5. Hi Folks, I remember a little boy running around your home during one of the ALDHA board meeting. Well I see he is not the same any more.

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