Facebook “Friends” are Truly Friends- this proves it



I received a private message on FB the other day, from one of my “friends.”

“Cindy, I have a naturally made salve that I think would help you. It is made by an Amish woman beyond Lancaster and she grows everything in her gardens. I will be happy to bring you a jar. We’d like to see Todd’s carvings at your place anyway so it wouldn’t be a bother. We know you from the Hawk Mountain Art Tour and have several of Todd’s pieces as well as a painting by you and several of Bryce’s pieces.”


Brenda Groff had seen my recent post on FB about dealing with second degree burns while on doxycycline and mountain biking the open country of Wyoming. My lips had been covered in painful blisters and my knuckles red and swollen with fluid-filled blisters.


“That’s the two really nice women that come to the Hawk Mtn Art Tour every year,” Todd said. They are our biggest fans for that event, although they missed this past year. They not only have been very supportive of Todd’s work but also me and Bryce when we had our work displayed.


Brenda and her partner Beth Bell live outside Reading so it was a good 45-minute drive to get to our house. The jars of fragrant green ointment they brought has wonderful ingredients in it like calendula, arnica, tea tree, eucalyptus and 22 more. It soothed my skin as soon as I applied it.


We had a good time catching up with our friends, showing them our log home, Todd’s recent carvings, the goats and garden. I was so touched that they felt moved to reach out to me and come to my aid, believing they could help, and of course they did. At this point, the jar of ointment could have contained merely solidified olive oil and it would have worked its magic. That’s because the real healing took place because of this not-so-random act of kindness. And if anyone wants to tell me that your friends on FB aren’t really your friends, I say bullshit. Mine are. Thank you so much girls.



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