NEWS ALERT! “The World is Our Classroom” is an award winner!

NEWS ALERT!!! “The World is Our Classroom” has won a Bronze Award from the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition put on by the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), the most prestigious travel writing organization in the world. Here is what the judges had to say about the book.
“Not many authors are able to successfully combine a travel book with a book of parenting advice. Cindy Ross is an exception. With her husband, daughter and son, Ross created a classroom based on residing in nature, not only across the United States, but in other nations as well. Certainly not every family could muster the flexibility, the courage and the finances to experience such a journey. For readers who will never accomplish what Ross accomplished, the book is a wonderful adventure to be enjoyed vicariously. The family photographs add a layer of richness that is touching.” If anyone wants an autographed copy for a great Christmas present, message me. Or go to It is $24 plus $4.00 shipping. Tell me who it should be autographed to and include the address.

19 thoughts on “NEWS ALERT! “The World is Our Classroom” is an award winner! Leave a comment

  1. Wonderful news, Cindy. So happy for you. Hope you have lots of trouble keeping orders for the book filled!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Love from your OLD pal, Carolyn >

  2. No surprise – you are an award winner in so many ways, and your writing is inspiring, humorous, and reflects your love of family, nature and humanity in general. It was an honor that you asked me to help proof read it! Congrats! Love, Kim

  3. Congratulations, Cindy!!! Wouldn’t expect anything else, your creativity, hard work, love of family and nature make you a winner. Proud of you my dear friend. Love and hugs, Nancy Kerr

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