A NEW BOOK- “The Log Home Years- One Couple Builds a Home From Scratch and Creates a Life.”

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Thirty years ago, I wrote a book about building our log home and building a marriage, and illustrated it with with 60 line drawings. Well, I just signed a contract with Skyhorse Publishing, NYC to bring it into print. It will be entitled, “The Log Home Years- One Couple Builds a Home From Scratch and Creates a Life.” It will be released in Jan 2021, four months before the release of my new veterans book, “Walking Towards Peace- Veterans Healing on America’s Trails.” I guess I will be pretty busy next year speaking and touring so I better rest up during this virus!



Here is the new book’s description: The Log Cabin Years is the inspiring story of how award-winning author Cindy Ross and her husband, artist Todd Gladfelter—a young couple totally inexperienced in construction—built a log home using raw trees and without the use of power, how they recycled and used salvage to supplement their materials, and how the home went on to become a living, breathing part of their lives together.



With a perfect mix memoir and practical information, The Log Cabin Years explores the ways the couple not only developed their building skills but defined the values and virtues by which they would continue to live—self-confidence, freedom, and independence. As the cabin walls grew, so, too, did Cindy and Todd—as individuals and as partners. Building a home forced the couple to learn to argue constructively, communicate openly, and work within the parameters of each person’s unique personality. The Log Cabin Years is a great example of how two people can learn to work together through difficult times, both mental and physical.

For their efforts, they were able to build, and then live in, a beautiful home—debt free.

From hosting Appalachian Trail hikers to offering a sanctuary for recovering veterans, from providing a place to homeschool and teach their children to launching Todd’s very successful career as a chainsaw carving artist, the cabin has given back, fostering creativity, learning, and healing.

Building your own home has long been an American dream. The desire and need to live more sustainably has seeped into all aspects of our lives. The Log Cabin Years will speak to all people who wish to live a more sustainable life, empower themselves, build relationships, learn skills, and perhaps create a hand-built home of their own.


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  1. Congratulation! Your story together is one people everywhere will enjoy. It is an amazing story and an admirable one as well.
    Best wishes for success.
    Patricia and Stephen

  2. This is such great news! And Thank You for showing it again it is zenith just to see the pictures of it and the external design and the prayer flags just epitomizes a place of refuge and peace. Rest up indeed! 🙂
    I can’t wait for that book…are you able to include favorite memories of the house from your children and your visiting vets and guests Too?

  3. Hello:

    I stumbled on the YouTube video about your home. I’ve always wanted to build a similar type home.

    My wife suggested that I contact Ron Brodigan, he’s closed the business down.

    I did call him. He pointed me to you when I asked him about building something similar.

    We live not too far away, and, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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