River House Vets Give Back

“River House PA- Veterans Healing in Nature… Gives Back.” This morning, five of our “regulars” veterans, gave up their time to help repair the super cool, long boardwalk at the Oreland, PA Troop 1 Boy Scout Camp in New Ringgold, PA, which was damaged in the flood last year. Our organization has the pleasure of renting the 18-acre camp every first weekend in October as a special camp-out weekend for our vets and their families. We are generously offered to rent the camp at a reduced price since we are a veteran’s aid org. This fall, we noticed that the boardwalk was damaged and Todd and I offered to give back and help the troop when they wanted to repair it. A great combination of expertise and young veterans’ muscles made the task swift and relatively easy. The troop that was renting for the weekend graciously offered to feed our guys lunch. We all felt good after the job was successfully completed- the troop now has a secure, safe and completed boardwalk to walk and our veterans had the chance to give back to an organization that helps us. Thank you Adam, Jean, JR, Ryan, Mike, and Todd.

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