These are my published books which are available for purchase as well as for personal autographs. You can send money via paypal. Please make sure you include your address and who the book(s) should be signed to. (copy and paste) or send a check to Cindy Ross, 85 Red Mountain Lane, New Ringgold, PA 17960

A Woman’s Journey- on the Appalachian Trail,” hand written in calligraphy with 125 illustrations. $12.00 plus $4.00 postage.

“Journey on the Crest- Walking 2600 Miles from Mexico to Canada,” written and illustrated by Cindy Ross. $18.95 + $4.00 postage

“Scraping Heaven- A Family’s Journey Along the Continental Divide,” $18.95 + $4.00 postage

“The World is Our Classroom- How One Family Used Nature and Travel to Shape an Extraordinary Education,” illustrated by Bryce Ross Gladfleter, $23.99 plus $4.00 postage

“The Log Cabin Years- One Couple Builds a Home from Scratch and Creates a Life, written and illustrated by Cindy Ross with 60 line drawings. (available for pre-ordering- January 2021 release date. $24.99 + $4.00 postage.

Walking Toward Peace- Veterans Healing on America’s Trails,” Written by Cindy Ross and illustrated by Bryce Ross Gladfelter. (available for pre-ordering- April 2021 release date). $19.95 + $4.00 postage