Sunny Rest Nudist Camp (Part II of 3)

Sunny Rest 014

When Jill and I saw the pasties, dick socks, see-through tops, sequined bras and other sexy clothing for sale at the Sunny Rest Camp store, alongside Pepsi and bags of chips, a red flag popped up in our minds like an aroused willie. “What’s this all about? We thought nudist camps were about health and sun.” 

Resort owner Myra had told us that no one attends Saturday night club nude but in lingerie (as in Victoria Secret?) and risque clothing. This sounds creepy. Uncomfortable. Jill and I brought cute little dresses along for the occasion, instead.  

We learned earlier today from Irv, the 88-year-old owner, that many of the resort’s nudists engage in swinging- like the majority, as in 60%. They are not young- 50-60-even 70 year olds! It goes on behind closed cottage and trailer doors. They make the connections and arrangements on the down-low. This fact has been in the back of our minds ever since we learned it. 

Jill and I arrive at the nightclub at 9:30, when the event is supposed to begin and find only a handful of folks sitting on bar stools (you can tell how many night clubs we go to). One man has a T-shirt on only and his legs are splayed open in a relaxed manner with the family jewels hanging out in their all their glory just below the hem line. A woman walks in with over-the-knee leather boots, a skirt that ends ABOVE her crotch and black straps around her boobs.

At 10:30, people begin to dance and Jill and I tire of gawking.

“Let’s dance,” in an attempt to make our shower, make-up application and dress worth it.

We find a quiet corner to ourselves and try to get into the music. But there are distractions. 

An extremely curvy woman with a generous butt and colossal boobs (the one whose top was wallowing in her dinner plate earlier in the restaurant) stretched a skin-tight red lace transparent dress over her full form. Her nipples were clearly visible as was her butt crack yet it too ended right ABOVE her crotch and butt bottom (what’s with these girls not buying dresses that are the right size?). Her make-up looks like she was in the Phantom of the Opera with great wispy curves of eye liner reaching around her face. Her boyfriend, Harley dude that looks like bald Mr. Clean from the 50’s commercials- bulbous and big, has on a black leather vest, of course. She performs around him dipping and circling like an animal in heat doing a mating dance and he makes gestures as though he is presenting her. It is all rather primal. 

To our other side is an older woman in a leather laced bodice, black heels, stockings and black garter. Her wide, white dimpled cellulite ass is framed by the garter straps and appears to glow in the night club’s day-glow lights. Her boyfriend, sports an opposite look- geeky and normal in a three-button Henley polo shirt, khaki shorts and polished sockless loafers. He is the dance instructor.  He teaches her how to jitter bug like in Grease, and is directing her while he paws and pets her and shows her how to grind, all the while wearing a look on his face like any second his mouth will leak drool. 

And on the far side is a geezer who looks to be in his 80’s. He has a black wife-beater t-shirt on and cowboy boots- that is it. His partner is also the opposite, an unobtrusive elderly grandmotherly type with baggy polyester pants, a blousy button down loose-fitting top and curly permed hair, looking like a lunch lady who just served mac & cheese to elementary school kids in the cafeteria. But what is that dangling between the guy’s legs? It looks like a black penis but how could a white guy have a black penis? On closer look, it appears not to be a very healthy penis at all but shriveled and sick, like a black dried-up, dead banana peel that was stripped off weeks ago. Then we realize that he has a black silk dick sock on, but his dick doesn’t extend that far and can’t fill it all out, so the fabric is just twisted and limp as it hangs there.    

“I can’t do this anymore.” I announce to Jill.

“I’ve had enough too.” 

This feels like a bad dream. On the way out the door, we excuse ourselves past a robust round woman who is bopping it by the bar. But she suddenly becomes very hot as she dances and whips off her dress, continuing to dance butt naked, with her tattoos move to the music. 

“I want my jammies,” Jill says as we walk back to our room. “I would even like a Teddy and to call my Mom.”

Tonight feels surreal, like we landed on another planet. 

Fortunately for us (and my husband and Jill’s boyfriend) none of the swingers approached us. No one asked us to dance. No one even talked to us. Perhaps word got out that these two writers should be given a wide berth. Some of my friends back home thought nudist camps are all about sun and health. Others told me not to be so naive and of course, they are about swinging. It appears to be about both, at different times in the day perhaps. At least here at Sunny Rest.  

Jill and I were put into a motel room with one queen size bed. I told the owner, “After looking at my friend’s bare butt all day long, I am NOT sleeping in the same bed with her.”

She agreed to put a blow-up mattress on the floor. But when we return from our night out, the air has all escaped from the mattress. So I settle in on the hard floor and realize that the person in the room next to us has her TV blaring. There’s no way I can sleep.

So I go next door and knock. The door swings wide open and there, to my utter surprise and sheer horror, stands a huge woman completely nude with monstrous breasts to her waist.

NEVER would this happen anywhere but in a nudist camp. But still I am taken by horrific surprise.

“Do you mind turning your TV down?”

“Oh, I am SO sorry. Of course you can’t sleep. And the TV is right on your wall. I’ll turn it off light away.”

They say nudists are some of the friendliest people. They are also some of the most nakednest people and I have had enough. 

Breakfast is included in our room but at this moment I announce to Jill, “We could go home right now and I could make you an equally nice breakfast in the morning.”

It’s very tempting, but we decide to tough it out and not escape and leave, as originally planned, in the morning, like polite writers.

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12 thoughts on “Sunny Rest Nudist Camp (Part II of 3) Leave a comment

    1. thanks Nance! I do think once is enough. After experiencing the Gentlemen’s Club the night before we went to the nudist camp, i had some men friends say, “Oh, you should check out Al’s Diamond Cabaret where they have real pros and porn stars” and I said thank you very much, this down home country club with the laid back atmosphere was all I could handle and once is enough for sure. They also said that about the nudist camp, that some are not about swinging and I should see the difference and also I said, no thanks…glad for the one time.

  1. Just as I suspected. There is of course the natural, granola eating aspect of the nudists, but more often than not, I would think the sexual aspect if much more alluring. NOT sure what attracts the women, but I can see how it would be fantasy for men. I heard about an incident a few years back involving a man assaulting an underage minor at Sunny Rest. While I only heard about this once, I suspect this happens more than we know. You are very brave women.

    1. we didn’t feel brave- but there is comfort in numbers and I would never have been able to go w/o my friend and writer Jill- so glad she sucked it up and came along too. all for the sake of reporting to my fine readers and sharing the world and all its interesting and quirky people.

  2. Sounds unpleasant and weird. Cindy, u do get around.

    Sent from my iPad

    On Jun 12, 2013, at 7:40 AM, cindyrosstraveler wrote: cindyrosstraveler posted: ” When Jill and I saw the pasties, dick socks, see-through tops, sequined bras and other sexy clothing for sale at the Sunny Rest Camp store, alongside Pepsi and bags of chips, a red flag popped up in our minds like an aroused willie. Whats this all abo”

  3. No offense…and you most definitely have a right to your own opinions… But, I must say I find this article quite … negative. I’ll give you…not everyone understands the nudist, but you were open to checking it out. Well, no shock, many of nudists are swingers.
    I’d like you to take a moment and look at this in a different perspective… all these descriptions “full bodied” “flabby” “cellulite”…etc etc… How about WOW…these people CELEBRATE THEIR BEAUTY. No, you may not find it attractive… but some do. I’m one of them… I’m the fat girl that was bullied in school, that never had a boyfriend, that never lost my virginity until later in life. But, what I discovered was people that are swingers…and they confidence they have in themselves, in their bodies–regardless of the shape size or jiggle. They have given me the confidence to stride into a pool, butt naked…and “own it”.

    I will continue to read and enjoy your perspective.. and thank you for the opportunity to share mine.

    1. thank you, thank you very very much for sharing-this is wonderful to get the other side- I was in no way dissing anyone with cellulite or dimples or fat etc because I certainly have my fair share- stay tuned for Part 3 when I examine why I felt the way I did and how I reacted etc. Thanks!

  4. Sunny Rest has a bit of a reputation among local nudists for having an unusual number of swingers (it’s one of the reasons I haven’t made it over to visit, yet – no offense, but it’s just not my thing); I didn’t know it was as high as 60%, though. I’ve also never encountered anything quite like that nightclub (and, personally, I’m fine with that), but, to be fair, during the day, it sounds pretty much like the other resorts I’ve been to.

  5. I have to admit that although i heard the negative tone of the article, the descriptions were actually quite stimulating and sounded interesting. I think i might want to check this place out. I’m a single black male in my 40’s. Does anyone have any insights as to how welcomed i’d be? hit me at

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