Sunny Rest Nudist Camp- Conclusion

I felt emotionally disturbed after I left the nudist camp, for about two days. I needed to talk about it and process it verbally to try to understand what I was feeling. Many of my friends were surprised to learn that I, who has been a life drawing model for 25 years and recently returned to the job after a 20 year hiatus, had a challenging time. Why? What was going on?

There is a huge difference between taking off my clothing and sitting on the modeling stand (enables artists to learn how to draw the human form) and hanging out with a shit ton of naked people. I am the only one nude on the modeling stand. I look out onto completely clothed people and I observe them. They certainly look at me, but they are looking at the shadow the light makes on my skin, the way my hip curves, the shape of my eye. I don’t dwell on the fact that I am clothed and they are not. So someone said, “Oh, so you have a difficult time with everyone ELSE being naked? “ Yes I suppose I did.

I didn’t want to see them. I guess that’s what it comes down to. It was too much.

But I did not personally enjoy being naked at the camp. After a few hours, I was thrilled to put my clothing back on and felt much more comfortable clothed, even walking through the pool area of naked people.

I do not think I am a treat to look at personally. I think I have good parts and the bad part (my belly- from multiple births) is really best left covered up. I am happy that the worst part of me can always stay covered. That is for my sake as well as for everyone else’s. So I am not JUDGING anyone thinking I am a babe and they are not.

I was surprised to see so many out of shape and chubby people at the nudist camp- nearly everyone. It was the norm not the exception. I am not talking sagging butts etc from age. I do believe the human form is beautiful and human beings are beautiful but I found it disturbing to view so many bad-looking bodies. Now a “bad looking body” is debatable. I personally think a body that has good muscle tone is the most beautiful. A body that is fit. It doesn’t matter to me if it is an older fit body or even an old fit body. ASTHETICALLY I just prefer that visual- fitness. I personally believe in fitness, not because it is aesthetically more pleasing to look at but because I think it is the way to live, to strive to live. I believe when you are healthy and fit, your body has less aches and pains, it performs better, enabling you to move through life and function more proficiently. If your body works well, your mind will work well and your mental image of yourself will be more positive. It is all connected and I think we are more able to do the work we were meant to do much better if we are healthy and fit. It’s that simple.

I started to think that everyone at the nudist camp was content to stay the way they are and accepted the way they are because everyone else there looked equally as bad. Every weekend, they drive to the nudist camp to hang out on chaise lounges. A handful of men play volleyball but only one or two women. They do not bike ride or hike or do any other kind of physical activity because if they enjoyed it, they would be doing it on weekends instead of lounging by a pool nude. So this fact bothered me- it felt like the nudist camp gave them all permission to not care about their bodies. It did not seem to be about health to me at all- we don’t need to have all our clothing off in order to absorb Vitamin D.

But IF they really mostly enjoyed nudist camps because they simply hated wearing clothing, I can get that. I STILL did not want to look at so many of them at one time. It was overwhelming. I was told that they do not look at one another. I could not STOP looking at them as I was amazed and interested. I suppose I would become desensitized over time but that is not a goal of mine.

What really made me the most disturbed however, was learning how many of the nudists AT THIS CAMP swing- as in sharing sexual partners, switching back and forth- 50-60-70 year olds, which amazed me. This saddened me the most because I don’t really understand this. I think it might have to do with boredom, lack of excitement in life. (sexual life or your whole life). When I think of all that life has to offer, this seems crazy to me. If you want to broaden your heart, there are babies in hospitals to hold, old folks to shuttle, troubled kids to mentor. If you are not into helping others, there is a ton of ways to add excitement and an endless variety of things to learn and do. The world and its people are limitless. And the amount of beauty and magic it holds is limitless. I have been told that all nudist camps are not about swinging at all. Maybe the one I attended is not the norm.  I have no interest in going to another camp to find out, however.

I do think that nudists go to camps because they do not quite fit in with the rest of the world and society. Many are odd ducks. (Not that I ever considered myself NORMAL but I do feel very grounded in my uniqueness).  At a nudist camp, they have found their tribe. If the rest of the world does not accept them, nudists welcome them all. And that is great. They are definitely not MY tribe. Maybe some of you thought that since I was a life drawing model, attending nudist camps might become my next love. Never. It is completely different.

I do think it is great that if you personally want to experience a nudist camp, you can go for the day- and have a life-altering experience. I cannot think of many other experiences in my personal life that can compare with the strangeness of this. Maybe you will find that you are a different enough duck and fit right in.

(If you do not know what this Part 3 is concluding, check out my blog to understand Parts 1 & 2 where I just report and describe “my view” from the nudist camp.) I would really appreciate some feedback on this blog as it still not crystal clear in my mind- all that I was feeling and experiencing.

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  1. How hard it is to write that you do not wish to see naked, fat people. Honestly, who does? I know this offends some, but more people think the way you do than, not. My husband has a friend who has what he calls an OPEN MARRIAGE. Like swingers, I do not get this. Seems like an oxymoron. Seems like they need a hobby, a relationship or help. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

      1. Wow, you guys are being way judgmental. Just because people do something that you’re not into, or don’t understand, that doesn’t give you the right to judge them and look down on them. Monogamy is not for everyone (despite what society and Christian groups would have you believe), and swinging is pretty common, and thus normal. These people don’t “need help.” They’re perfectly happy, and as they’re not hurting anyone or breaking the law, they have the right to do what they want sexually with consenting adults. No need to worry about them. Worry about yourselves.

  2. Cindy, I think your observation is probably exactly right – your discomfort is not with human bodies per se, it’s with neglected human bodies, and the implications of the desire to show off that neglectedness a nudist camp (at least this nudist camp) implies. And combined with the swinging, that seems to reveal a really deadly ennui – unable to put in the effort to take care of oneself, ones relationships, or other people to whom you could make a difference.

    It did occur to me, however, that nudist hiking and biking might not be the most comfortable way to recreate. . . .

    1. right- they told me of a race that they hold there- one newbie attempted to wrap her boobs in plastic wrap to hold them together and couldn’t deal with that either and just suffered thru the bouncing- cycling- i can’t even imagine- padded bike shorts hurt bad enough. – thank you for the comment- one begins to wonder or at least question if there is something OFF with yourself- if all 500 nude folks are all ok, and you are not, what is that saying about you?

    2. “Neglected human bodies.” That’s brilliant. It really gets to the heart of Cindy’s discomfort. More than 2/3rds of Americans (and almost 3/4ths of American men) are overweight or obese. That’s a lot of neglect. Neglect is maybe even more concentrated at Sunny Rest. “Do we really look like this now?” Crazy.

  3. Good for you! I feel exactly the same way without ever visiting a nudist camp: ick. And it would be totally overwhelming.

  4. Cindy, I get your discomfort and I really don’t think it is about the nudity but is about the value of self. We live a different lifestyle that may be unacceptable to others – we try to eat well, we exercise, we are moving and active, we volunteer, we mentor and we lead by example. The reality is that those things are of “our value” and “perception” of importance. And, the disturbing trend amongst society in general revolves around the center aisles of the grocery store, no personal contact or social interaction, technological “advances” of television, tablets and the always connected cell phone. You have paused and found maybe an internal awareness, your new emotional reality, from this experience and that is that being healthy and vibrant is paramount. And, honestly (because this is how I feel a lot lately) it is frustrating that justifications for why not being healthy should be acceptable is fodder for the continued behavior.

    1. thanks dear for the excellent feedback
      i really appreciate the time it took and am glad others can view your comments too
      how about this excuse “AT MY AGE…” i don’t even want to hear about age as being an excuse of not being able to move- not after folks like blind Bill Irwin hiking the AT…no excuses.

      1. I know I’m late to this conversation (vacations), but just want to say that I am shocked after reading all of your nudist camp blogs! I am the naive one who had no idea that swinging would be part of that life style…nor that the majority would be horribly out of shape! Although I’ve enjoyed nude beaches, I will never have the slightest interest in visiting a nudist camp after reading about your experience!
        I also have to say that I think you are one of the most physically and mentally healthy people I know (albeit I know you mostly from your writing and a few days hiking). Do not question your reaction to this experience as you seem to do when you said, “if all 500 nude folks are all ok, and you are not, what is that saying about you?” I completely understand your reaction as one of disgust at people’s lack of care for their bodies…hope you’ve recovered from the trauma!

      2. hey Kim- all great food for thought- that is what we writers do- place ourselves in the midst of experiences, however weird sometimes, so we can gather fodder for stories- its all about telling stories, like cavemen around the fire. thanks for sharing- I have completely recovered- talking/writing about any experience really helps me to understand people and my life- that’s probably why I have settled into this occupation!

  5. I’m curious if you’ve ever visited one of the nice nude beaches like Wreck Beach in Vancouver or Little Beach in Maui. I’ve been to both and can say there are alot of very attractive people there. I’d be curious to hear your opinion about nudism if it happened around a good mix of young and attractive people 🙂

    I do like what you mentioned about people not being in shape. I think there is good reason to not be ‘too accepting’. While the Hollywood image of what a good body is has certanly done its fair share of damage, American has a serious obesity problem and I do think we need to be vigilant to stay in shape. So I like that perspective.

    No matter if I agree with you or not I loved the read – honest and insightful. Nice work.

    1. thanks John- never visited a nude beach and believe it would be quite different- not in your face- but “out there”- been to nude hot springs and hamans in Morocco and have a Finnish sauna that we’ve shared with many friends- didn’t like the mix with swinging – knowing it was such a big part made me uncomfortable too- there was ONE woman that was attractive at the camp and she stood out like a sore thumb and no, she was not painful to look at.

  6. Well, I won’t go into how many clicks and on what got me to your blog, but let’s just say I have an interest in this topic. I have never been to a nudist “camp” or “club” or whatever. I have been to a couple clothing optional places and my experience was nothing like yours. Both of these experiences have been at spas in the American west. (Note on physique: I am late 50s, male, a few extra pounds, maybe 10, in generally good shape but not Charles Atlas. If you know what I mean.) One is in Santa Fe and it’s called 10,000 Waves. It’s a Japanese-style spa just outside of town. It is a day spa but they have 12 rooms where you can stay overnight. It’s pricey and *very* nice. There is a public communal tub that is clothing optional. There is also a women-only clothing-optional tub. I can’t speak for the latter but the former is about the most relaxing place I have ever been. All body types, all ages, with or without bathing suits. Maybe there will be 10 people max during the day. At night bathing suits are required and that’s really the busy time. Otherwise, NO strutting, NO dancing, NO fishnet, NO spike heels, NO intimate activity, not even very much talking. The spa services are exquisite, the setting is gorgeous, and people are very respectful. The other I have been to is in the San Luis Valley south of Denver, called Valley View Hot Springs. Again, clothing optional, but on the whole property. There are a number of hot pools scattered along the mountainside of various temperatures – all natural, and a couple of spring fed swimming pools. People go to relax and rejuvenate. NS/ND, of course. You can camp or get a cabin. It’s an incredibly beautiful place and experience. Again, no stupidity, banality, or creepiness. I think if you had tried one of these, or others like them (Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon, Tassajara in California, many others in the west), you would have come away with a very different view of public nudity. It can be done in very good taste, and leave you feeling very content, clean, and *very* reluctant to leave. I suggest you google them. But please don’t tell anybody about 10,000 Waves because I don’t want it to be any harder to get a reservation than it already is. (I’m going in August.)

    1. Hi there Steve- thanks for your comment- I really do not have a problem with nudity per say- i have raised my kids to skinny dip in the mtns all their lives, have been a life drawing model, went to clothing optional hot springs in CA (in the desert) and ha-mans in Morocco and it wasn’t strange or creepy-we have a Finnish sauna that we fire up and have indulged with hundreds of folks- it was the the presence of the swinging and the talk about it WHILE folks were nude that was creepy. Thanks!

  7. You, and most of the commenters here, sound like a terribly judgmental and self-centered person. It’s perfectly fine for you or your readers not to understand what you saw, but rather than learning, you fill in the blanks with your own mostly inaccurate, disparaging judgments, based on your own insecurities and hangups: People who are overweight must be “neglecting” their bodies (speaking as someone who works hard and watches his diet and still cannot get below 80 lbs overweight, I find this particularly offensive,) people who swing must be “bored” or otherwise lacking some virtue that your wonderful life has, etc. The fact that these people may be emotionally healthy and balanced, completely well-adjusted and comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. while your attitudes seem petty, stunted, and insecure, apparently hasn’t dawned on you at all. And then you have the nerve to speculate that it’s _their_ lives that are somehow lacking?

    With your gawking and voyeurism, you did a disservice and violated the trust of the people whose space you invaded. They go to their own space specifically to be free of the judgments of small-minded people like yourself, not for you to come there to treat them like a spectacle or freak show. There nothing in your three articles that shows anyone there to have anything but kind, polite, and respectful to you, but rather than respectfully exploring what they were about, like a real journalist or traveler, you did nothing but complain, gawk, and selfishly express revulsion that the reality didn’t meet some fantasy you held about what you’d find there. I would certainly have felt violated by these articles if I had been there. You should have kept your provincial attitudes at home.

    1. Thank you for your comments and your opinions. I have heard them. The beauty of being a writer in America and not in China or some other country where the freedom of speech is not honored, we can write what we feel and share what we have experienced. I don’t look for approval or agreement. I am a story teller. And as far as reporting what I saw and experienced, I like the quote from the Newseum in Washington, DC- “If you don’t want it written about, don’t let it happen. “

      1. Nudists must understand that some people just don’t like the sight of naked bodies. That’s why I understand the need for nudity laws in our country. At the same token I believe there needs to be some room for those who want to experience this,

        Question though, if it wasn’t for the swinging and the talk of the swinging, the naked bodies still would have ruined the experience for you, right?

      2. it didn’t ruin my experience, really, it just wan’t my favorite , although it was definitely thought-provoking and one of those life experiences. I am exceedingly grateful to have gone there.

    2. BAM! This guy delivered the truth. Reading this comment was like a breath of fresh air.
      Cindy, of course there’s free speech and you can say what you want lady. You’re not just sharing your “experience” though, and you’re no anthropologist. An anthropologist is much more neutral. You’re sharing your preconceived notions & judgments. Get off your high horse. You don’t look for approval? Funny, because those people you met weren’t looking for your approval either. Yet you felt the need to make it known that you do not approve of their bodies or their lifestyle. Newsflash, though: Nobody. Gives. A. Shit.

      Naturism is about acceptance and not judging others. It’s NOT about body shaming, fat shaming, and shaming others for their sexual lifestyle choices.

      Good lord, I’m sorry we linked to this poor excuse for a nudist story. That’s why you’re getting all the new comments. You should visit our site, I think you’ll learn something.

    3. Quite impressed with this person’s assessment but I don’t fault this excellent writer for sharing her experience and her thoughts on that experience (though people she met along the way are obviously very vulnerable). I personally think a free sexual experience is needed by some more then others (Only God knows why, mommy issues, daddy issues, genetics, ….). Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the obesity level is about on track with your average population in the U.S. so I’m not sure it is fare to single them out for that just because it is more on display. Anyway, pretty damn fine writing by the author (IMHO) and a pointed intelligent response by “none of your BO”. Yeah for freedom of speech.

      ps. Cindy I would love to join your and yours in your Finnish sauna sometime

  8. It’s sad that you had your experience with this nudist facility. AANR – America Association Nude Recreation prides itself on being “family” friendly and want’s member clubs to be family friendly too. Sunny Rest is a member club. We had this club on our radar to visit but suspected the clubs underlying activities. Sunny Rests list of weekend activities showed a leaning towards the party “lifestyle” and we took them off our radar. Night dances however are not for the youngsters and have much looser standards for the all adult crowd. There have been clubs that AANR has parted their ways because of swingers and sex. We have visited 12 AANR clubs and I can assure you that clubs are NOT all 60% swingers. Quite the opposite. Some nudist clubs do have a hidden lifestyle group but as you yourself experienced, swingers know who plays and who doesn’t and will (generally) never approach non lifestyle people. That being said, in AANR clubs if you are made even uncomfortable, they want you to report it to management and that offender will be either warned or shown the way out the door and put on a “Do not admit” list shared with all the other AANR clubs.

    Now, as for your personal experience, nudist or clothing free is not for everyone. Social nudity as some call it can be a life changer and inspiration; leave others shocked, baffled, repulsed or indifferent. Seeing as you were a nude model, I’m somewhat surprised that you didn’t appreciate others being nude with you. But you also found that many nudist are not body beautiful. Our society has us conditioned to expect all pretty people. Especially nude ones! Having been to a dozen clubs, I’ve seen some bodies that are tough to look at, but yet admire them being able to go nude. If you take the time to meet them, these are real people with diverse backgrounds and just as much as an individual as you and I.

    So revel in the fact you went and it wasn’t for you. In fact, writing about your experiences might certainly advise or inspire others. Any one going for the first time, it will be an experience. Have fun and keep an open mind.

    1. actually, there was nothing sad about the experience, I am extremely glad that I went- The magazine- a lifestyle general magazine that asked me to attend for a story, had me write a funny end of the mag piece on New Years resolutions- and the publishers nixed it. I think I will post it to show what story I took away that unfortunately never got printed.

  9. I don’t agree with everything you wrote, but I thought that your conclusion in particular was honest and thoughtful – even insightful, in places (like the part about the odd ducks).

    There is something to be said for a place where you can just be accepted the way you are, but, way back in the early days (just after the turn of the century) it really was about health: no meat, no alcohol, vigorous morning calisthenics, etc. Even today, there are clubs that put more emphasis on physical activity (though, nothing like the early days…), and have a higher percentage of members who take good care of themselves. It’s also worth noting that there are organizations for younger naturists (I belong to a couple; in this case, “younger” means “under 30”), and for the most part, their members are pretty healthy. I go to relax, not to look at people, so for me, it doesn’t really matter too much, but I still think it’s a good idea for us to get a little closer to our roots.

    As for the swinging thing, I don’t really get it either.

    1. thank you very much for your comments- can I ask you, where is everyone seeing this blog? it was written quite some time ago and i am getting hundreds of hits on it in a single day? Did someone repost or print it somewhere?

  10. Great read. It makes me ashamed to call myself a nudist. Part of me thinks the founders of nudism in the US would have barfed at that dance. Luckily, there are many less off-putting places to be naked. But there will always be some nudists that obviously don’t care about their health. I don’t get it, personally. To me, being naked in nature or outside is about celebrating the body in its best, healthy, and natural form. Not about low standards for sexual partners. Trashy.

  11. Your blog hit the big time. All three parts were recommended by The Nudism and Naturism Daily News. Congratulations!

    My wife & I are full time residents of a clothing optional resort. We’re both in our 60’s and are fortunate enough to live in an area which allows for extensive outdoor recreation. Despite our hiking & biking, often done in the nude, we, like many of our friends & neighbors, are somewhat overweight & not especially attractive. Body acceptance is the cornerstone of…”nudism &/or naturism”, and, yes, we do check each other out…but generally only once. We all come in different sizes, genders, ages & with varying imperfections. Some of us are fit, others are dangerously unfit. I genuinely admire those of us who bare themselves despite their flaws: mastectomy scars, amputations, cellulite etc.

    The clothing optional world simply mirrors the “textile” world.

    Yes, sex happens in some clothing optional clubs just as it happens in some textile clubs. I too would have been “creeped out” by the overt sexual behavior you described at the dance, & I too would have gone home. Just as I would have left a textile club where the same activities were occurring. It’s just not my thing. That said, sex does happen. However, if it happens in the privacy of someones home, be they nudist swingers or textile swingers, it none of my business. You seemed to be rather judgmental in your attitudes regarding sex in general & geriatric sex in particular. I hope not, as you too may someday be old & horny.

    I enjoyed all three parts of your article. I only hope that you didn’t scare too many folks away. We many be older & unattractive, but we’re really friendly & welcoming. Having the freedom to be naked in everyday life is truly liberating. It feels good…it feels natural and… in my opinion naked is normal. Thanks!

  12. Thank you very much regarding your opinion. Not all nudist resorts are the same. Some have a more sexualized side, some are more sedate. Some welcome the swinger crowd but others really to at least attempt to behave as advertised. I guess like with a lot of things it all depends on the people there so for those out there who want to try don’t just judge one experience because other clubs might not be like that. However,all of them do have naked bodies of course and it that’s the part you can’t get over then of course nudism isn’t for you.

    Personally I find the whole “there’s a lot of naked people here” part of nudism something I could get used to but that was my experience. I just started doing what I wanted to do (mostly swim) and yeah, every once in a while I might see something that I find “unusual’ like a guy walking by in a shirt (and nothing beneath) but the longer I am there the longer I just not let stuff like that bother me.

    For me it really is liking the feeling of me being naked. The whole water on my whole body without clothing and the wind on the skin. Seeing others naked doesn’t enhance or erode the experience for me. It’s how I spend a lot of time at home when summer hits. I happen to have a large property which I designed so people can’t see me naked so I have never been at a resort. I went to a nude beach this summer.

    This shows why nudism should always be done in designated areas. And, yeah, not for everyone. For those who want to try it, don’t obsess when you get there. Just say, yep a naked body, everyone has one.

    Not condemning you for how you reacted. Nudism isn’t for everyone. It needs to remain illegal except for private clubs and designated places.

    1. thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply. I love all these comments and hope my readers look at them- you all offer such a deep layer of information to the experience. It is wonderful that we vcan all be different in this country and live the way we want to-

  13. I think the whole dance experience mirrors the experience at about 15% to 20% of the clubs out there. Unfortunately there are a segment of people who want to “sex” nudism up.

    You can see this even at the Mid Winter Naturist Festival with all these “Tanatric” Classes

    Click to access final%20schedule%20MWNF%202014_0.pdf

    Nudists don’t really seem to have a place to come together to discuss the problems some of these places have in a position of safety. There used to be a discussion group a while back where some of these issues were aired but that group decayed. Groups like “the Naturist Society” and AANR seems more of places for the “promotion” of nudism which can conflict with the protection of nudism when it becomes the protection of the club at the expense of the members.

    I am probably one of the few nudists out there who don’t believe in public nudity. I believe that in controlled situations nudism can be a beautiful thing but it all depends on the people participating. It indeed might be too idealistic for the real world.

    1. On the other side I think the mistake many make is they expect the club to entertain them. Look, the club depending on the club, provides you with the property, the swimming pool, etc. What you do with it (as long as it is proper) is up to you.

      It does make it easier when you have a group of people that click but you shouldn’t depend on that for your good time.

      Frankly if I ever went to a club, I would hope I wouldn’t come off as rude but I would be there with my husband and basically I would want to be left alone to my picnic I would have there with him.

      Not everyone goes places to “get social”. Some just want to lie in the sun or swim or whatever.

      1. i agree- it is like my love of skinny dipping- i like to do it in the wilderness alone or with close friends and family.. The group thing wasn’t my fav but I understand most people don’t have the opportunity to be out on their own acreage to enjoy being nude or in the remote wilderness.

  14. Cindy, I’d like to thank you for sharing your article. I’ve read several articles by non-nudist journalists about visits to nude beaches, nude resorts, and such; most of the writers come across as downright smug, by offering opinions about who should and shouldn’t be nude in public. Your article is the best I’ve read by far. You do a great job of describing your experience and your feelings. You may have your prejudices, but you’re honest about them. I wish you had felt more comfortable there, but your discomfort takes nothing away from the quality of your article.

    Personally I feel like a member of the nudist “tribe”, but my wife would never try nudism, so I’ll just have to remain curious. I think the feeling in American society that sex, nudity, and by extension our private parts are bad is a curious sickness. Our tolerance for violence seems to me to somehow be a different aspect of the same sickness. Why is breastfeeding in public bad, and nudity in movies worse, but TV commercials for cage fights air in the afternoon during football games, and children routinely see murders in movies and on TV? Nudity is natural, and sex is a normal part of most healthy adults’ lives. It should be depictions of violence and murder that are regarded as unnatural and unhealthy for children. To be clear, I don’t think children should be exposed to sex.

    I don’t know what to think about the swinging… I don’t understand that.

    By the way I got here from, which is a sort of photo blog for nudists and sympathizers.

  15. As a former member of Sunny Rest resort, I believe it to have been one of the worst choices to get the real feel of what being a nudist, or as I like to say naturist is.
    I have visited many other resorts and never experienced some of the things we have experienced there. The other resorts I have been to have all been family friendly, relaxing, and in no way uncomfortable to visit. I have never seen swinger activities at any other place, or the attire they wear in the night club there.
    My reasons for being a naturist are that I enjoy being outside, feeling the fresh air, hiking, soaking in the sun, swimming, just being outdoors in the nude, and am not able to do so where I live right now. So going to a club is a relaxing escape for us.
    Your blog was very interesting, but I think you really got the wrong impression of a nudist by visiting that camp, swingers are quite a different breed than the more family oriented naturist.

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