Little Drops of Blood

“Writing is very easy. All you do is sit in front of a keyboard until little drops of blood appear on your forehead.”  And so, I have just returned from Maryalice’s Writer’s Colony, where a lone writer of one, struggled and strained to write 10 pages of the first chapter of her new book, … Continue Reading Little Drops of Blood

Patagonia Paradise

this appeared in the Toronto Star by Cindy Ross Cyclone-force winds race across the surface of Lake Pehoe in Chile’s Torres del Paine NP, scooping up kiloliters of water and flinging it high in the air in enormous curtains. The sun infuses these sky waves with light, creating dazzling rainbows, … Continue Reading Patagonia Paradise

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Perhaps, with some attention, more of my work can make it to this site where you can see it. This is a site for friends, family and anyone else who wants to follow someone who has a tough time staying home. Thanks for stopping by.