An Unusual New Year’s Resolution

(This story was contracted by an editor to be written as a back page of a lifestyle magazine, but when the publisher read it, she said, “over my dead (naked) body will that appear in print.” My original story about my experience at the nudist camp (3 parts), posted many months ago,  was read more times than any of my over 200 blog posts. Recently WordPress alerted me that my website had just experienced a recent huge spike in readers. Their comments are worth reading! So I decided to post the story that WOULD have made it into the mag had the publisher been a little more daring. Do go back in my archives though and check out the 3 part series- type in Sunny Rest for some serious entertainment.)

Getting in shape is my typical New Year’s resolution but last January my friend Jill and I decided to take it one step further, and get undressed.  We also wanted to do something bold in our mid-life, and step out of our comfort zone!   A visit to a local nudist camp would do it all.

When we pull up to the reception desk, we see a naked groundskeeper with only a baseball hat and sneakers on, swinging his weed wacker. We next see a construction dude with work boots on, a contractor’s tool belt, a knee brace and that’s it, yet he’s working a circular saw. This is our introduction at the local nudist camp and we can’t help being startled.

We head for our motel room, close our door, feeling safe and secure and decide on a mode of operation.

“Let’s make lunch, take off our clothing and pull two chairs up on the deck and eat naked.”

“OK, we can do that.” Jill replies.

I make a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich- comfort food.

On the deck, in the sun, naked to the world, as we eat our lunch, Jill looks over at me and says, “How are you doing?’

“I’m OK. “ I reply.

A nude dude below us reading the newspaper looks up at us and smiles. “First time here?”

“First hours here.”

“Enjoy yourselves,” he instructs. I’m not so sure of that.

Next step… the pool.

“We hug our towels to our middles, and walk across the deck through the sea of lounging older naked couples. We make eye contact, smile, say hello. No one looks below the neck, except for Jill and I.

We find two chaise lounge chairs in the corner, take off our towels  and lay down nude.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m OK.”

When the sun moves behind the clouds, we get chilled and muster up the courage to get to the warm “Conversation Pool,” …step 3, across the deck.

We clutch our towel “shields,” make a run for it and quickly submerge to our necks, letting the jet bubbles mask what lies beneath.

We chat with those around us. The majority of resort attendees are older- in the 50-70’s range and no one looks good. Some live here full time; others come for a visit. Everyone adores living without clothing. Many have high stress jobs, and are professionals and see it as a release.

There is a freedom, a liberation present here, they tell us. Nudists meet here, fall in love, even marry here (saving a ton on the bridal dresses).

“A nudist camp is not what most people think it is,” one woman tells us. “Women do not look like Victoria Secret models. You don’t see cellulite and saggy skin in the movies but you do here. It is real. Nudists are some of the friendliest people. Men are not leering. And it teaches us not to be ashamed of our bodies, no matter what they look like. Nudists are non-judgmental people. They have nothing to hide.”

“I need to experience a meal nude at the restaurant,” Jill announces.


At the table next to us, the woman’s  gigantic breasts spill into her dinner plate and interfere with my meal. The air conditioner vent freezes me.

“I’m going back to the room to get dressed, I had enough,” I admit.

Jill and I clearly did not need to get ourselves in shape for this experience. We did stretch ourselves, however and made a memory. Next year, I’ll stick to the same old same old resolutions and play it safe!

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  1. My favorite day on the trail will be summer solstice. Never been to a nude anything but, nudist are quite common in the Ithaca area. A couple of years ago my dad and I were fishing on a stream near Ithaca and ran across some nude sunbathers. They weren’t the least bit bashful and made no attempt to cover. Of course I got an eyefull. My dad would not even look but, I am pretty sure I saw him take a glance, or two.

    We all have bodies and all are different. Nothing to see here, move on.


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  2. You’re the coolest freespirit I am proud to know. As I read your story, I could picture it clearly. You’re a gusty adventurer! Way to flex your wings and your spirit.

  3. I had to laugh reading this (I’m sure you’ve heard that before) it reminded me of a picture I have of me at a nude beach. I got kicked off for leaving three tracks. So what did you say the paddling attire was?


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